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Showcases opened upwards

Basic information:
  • display showcase design in the form of aluminium posts from a 60x40mm aluminium profile screwed to the showcase,
  • Single-leaved opened upwards (must be upheld by hand during exchange of information),
  • made from professional system display profiles "Arabeskasystem" electrolytically anodized to silver,
  • IC aluminium hinge system (no projecting and visible hinges)
  • internal magnetic plate in white (ads fixing using magnets attached),
  • strong and thick tempered safety glass, 4 mm thick and certified
  • patent lock acting as a knob (same key for all showcases)
  • mounted through 4 holes made in the inner wall (anti-theft),
  • can be installed inside and outside (weather-resistant).
  • display showcases delivered to clients are completely assembled and packed safely.
  • the display showcase design has been made by specialists exclusively for Arabeska,
  • no plastic corners,
  • window frame crammed with a professional crimping machine (not screwed),
  • if the pane is damaged, it can be easily replaced without having to remove the showcase and use any tools (click-click system).
  • 4-seal system forming a completely sealed and resistant to weathering, dust and insects showcase,
  • corrosion-resistant lock, manufactured for our products in a world-renowned European company,
  • no protruding parts (hidden hinges, a key functioning as a knob).
  • tempered glass (safe), 5 times stronger than ordinary glass and glued glass, and more scratch-resistant than acrylic glass.
Additional options:
  • possibility to configure any dimensions,
  • plexiglas
  • powder coating of profiles in any RAL colour,
  • inner magnetic panel in other basic colours,
  • internal LED illumination (profile thickening up to 6 cm required),
  • lettering, logos, after sending the project.

Exemplary dimensions of display showcases:
number of A4
ext. size in cm (W x H x T) price EUR
100 x 80 x 3,5
120 x 80 x 3,5
140 x 80 x 3,5
Podane ceny netto + 23%
We also make display showcases for individual orders.

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