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About us

The Arabeska company is Polands largest producer of aluminium advertising displays. Our designs are based on a new system of aluminium profiles. We have our own production matrices, which means that each model is reserved and cannot be found anywhere else. We constantly take care to develop our offer, while maintaining competitive prices and high quality products.

Our offer includes interal and external display cases, distinguished by their high resistance to all weather conditions, as well as various boards and shop cases. Products made by Arabeska can be hung on a wall or fence. We also offer stand-alone exhibition elements with a supporting structure.

Our offer is directed primarily to communities and housing associations, property managers, as well as offices, schools and churches. With its versatility, they will be especially good in every place.

Arabeska is a family-owned business with a rich tradition and history, operating in the industry since 1982. More than 30 years of experience in the production of aluminium advertising showcases allows us to perform our work professionally. We enjoy the trust and long-term cooperation with many Polish private and public companies.

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